March 3, 2013

Career Options and Pencil Skirts.

       Last Monday we had a whole class dedicated to a "the world is your oyster" type lecture. Magazines about career options, changing majors and building resumes, were distributed and our heads were spinning. But it's all part of the game. :) And this.. this is what I wore:

From le top of my head to the tip of my toes:
Headband: Claire's
Denim jacket: JACOB
Blue Longsleeves: ESPRIT (What's with all these brands being all caps?)
Belt: Urban Behavior
Beige Pencil Skirt: Tailored made. (Brazil has amazing seamstresses)
Confetti Socks: Aeropostale
Shoes: Converse All-Stars

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By the way, it's Ann's birthday today! Leave a happy birthday comment to her here!

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  1. Love the little socks with your sneakers! Coincidentally, I'm wearing a dress with a converse sneaker pattern on my blog today! Ha!
    New follower :)

  2. So cute and the tailored pencil skirt - so classy!

    Thanks too for the bday mention : )

  3. Hi Larissa,

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today :)
    love the outfit, I think Converse & skirts are so cute together!

  4. What a cute versatile skirt!! You look wonderful.

  5. Forget college. You need to be doing something in fashion now!


    Stay in school, kids! I'd still be there if they didn't require payment every semester.

  6. And your 'career option' would be world famous writer? Yes?

  7. You're adorable. And go for your dreams!

  8. Visiting from the GFC blog hop. Now following via GFC and Twitter. Thanks so much!

  9. A very sharp outfit - I love it!
    Thank you for linking up to The Great Blog Train!

  10. You are adorable. I love the belt over the blue top. :)

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